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The Energy I Want to Bring to 2021

The Energy I Want to Bring to 2021

Reclaiming the Year of the F

To say 2020 has been laden with adversity really is only the half of it. It started in a slump and managed to drag itself even deeper. Now, here we are at the culmination of the deadliest year in modern history, as victims of devastating and unending natural disasters, submerged in the social turmoil of our societal inequities that seem near impossible to mount, I could go on.

For so many of us, 2020 was the year of the F; where F is a vulgar word that lacks individual agency, that means to be taken advantage of, that means to be invaded, and that means to fail.

2020 came at me with force, but I somehow managed to push back. I managed to thrive. I’ve found a path, as steep as it might be, that perhaps ends in the gardens that I long for. I graduated from college, I enrolled in graduate school, I engaged in my community—with my friends, my coworkers, my peers, and with writers online—and I opened myself to them, and I stood near them when they needed me and even when they did not.

I am leaving this year with more clarity of purpose than I have ever known. It is my intention to expand upon that energy in 2021. Whatever this new year harbors in its dark waters, I am ready to swim.

I propose that we reclaim the year of the F. That we have a do-over. Let F stand for the ways in which we will forge from our creativity. Let F stand for the ways in which we will fortify ourselves from the briars of our struggle. Let F stand for the ways in which we will focus our productivity into something mighty.

I do not mediate in the tradition sense of the word. But, occasionally, words and phrases from songs, or books, or blogs, or poems, worm their way in my ear like a repetitive chorus and I find myself ruminating upon them time and again. One such source of this inspiration comes from the digital underground, a place one of my writing teachers, Desiree Cooper, shared with me called The TETRA. In exiting 2020, The TETRA imparted me with these words that I want to share with you, “I hope that these next few days unwind the thick thorns of this year from around you, and bloom leisurely into something regenerative, safe, and joyous.” That is the energy that I want to bring to 2021. Let’s make this our strongest year yet.